oreos, is it vegan?

I heard that they are, then they are not then they are? I heard someone mention about the whey powder in them? can someone please clear this up for me please

thank you guys. ergh why do i live in the uk aha
is there any well known foods like oreos that are is anyone knows? I know fruit and cola flavoured chubachub lollipops are? anything else? thank youuuuu 

  1. anarchismo answered: they are. so long as they are not covered in chocolate. You can easily check for dairy by jumping to the allergen information.
  2. anotherworldcitizen answered: In Europe they are still made with whey powder but in the US they are not.
  3. bozieee answered: wtf? definitely not lol
  4. thehealthyhappyvegan answered: They are vegan, except for certain fudge varieties. Just check the ingredient list :) Peace! xoxo
  5. veg-tastic answered: I know they are in the US, but they’re very artificial! Go for a more natural version if you can find one :)
  6. the-art-of-j-art answered: they are not vegan cause of the chocolate
  7. meganfoxsthumb answered: Oreos in the US are vegan, UK ones aren’t even vegetarian :/
  8. junkyardjulie answered: I think I read that most of them are, but not in every country!
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